Tuesday, August 30, 2005

La Tita

This post is dedicated especially to my cousins and my brother who will probably appreciate this story a lot more than anyone else....

I have a great aunt that I have been calling Abuelita (or Grandmother for you non-Spanish speakers out there) for years and years. I'm sure every family has their heirarchy and mine is no exception. Its is commonly known in my family (well my mom's side) that my Abuelita's favorite is one of my cousins - the rest of us are kind of just there...like rocks that got sucked into the orbit by accident, she knows we are there but..yeah just there. She is not a mean lady or anything, just the way things are. Its just a fact, we've learned to move on. Because we have established that I am not that particular favorite "one" I must give you a mini history of two particular gifts I received from her.

Numero Uno: It was my 10th birthday and we went to her house. Well she goes into her room and (no lie) reaches into her closet and pulls out a t-shirt that says "Can I Pay My Visa Bill With My Mastercard?" Ok - recap...I was 10! I had no concept of credit cards let alone did I get the joke.
Numero Two: We went to her house and she told me to go with her to her room to get my present and she randomly gets a stuffed animal off her bed and hands it to me. I think I was 16, dont really remember.

So fast forward to this Sunday where I was on my uncle's couch trying to get rid of my headache (damn you sake!!). When she walks up to me with something in her hands - looks like its in a smart and final shopping bag...yup, its for me. At this point, I think I had this look of puzzlement on my face since #1 I was kind of hung over and #2 - I had no idea what was coming to me. And then it came out - she gave me these two little ceramic bunnies with fake fur on it. Each one fits in the palm of your hand. Then the BEST PART (I know, how can it get any better than the fake fur right?) she tells me which one is the boy rabbit and which one is the girl rabbit. NO LIE. I'm just sitting there looking at my mom who is trying her hardest not to break out in laughter I can tell she's holding in. So I say thank you and then...AND THEN - she asks me if she should wrap them for me. I say no, its ok that I'll take them as is. She then puts them back in the Smart and Final bag and puts them with my purse and walks out of the room. I give my mom this look thats says "WTF?" and she says to me - "Yeah, she offered them to me first and I didnt say anything." WHAT?!!? I was second choice? Thats sucks even more. So last night I get home from work and what is waiting for me on my bookshelf. You got it - my little wabbits.

The girl rabbit on the right and the boy rabbit is on the left.

Look at the look that the boy rabbit has...

I need to get more hobbies if I'm trying to interpret the look from a fake rabbit.


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FUNNY STORY--I needed a laugh-Thank you!