Monday, August 01, 2005

No really - I don't want to see your penis

What the hell about my profile screams - "Let me see your penis?" I got online earlier tonight someone had sent me an offline message saying "Hi" then another one that said "Care to chat?" then one more that said "I just updated my picture, take a look". DEAR GOD! I usually reserve my porn viewing until after 11pm when I'm safely alone to be a pervert - this was at about 8pm with everyone in the house milling about. I should have known better. Why should I have known better? This was not the first time this has happened - oh no. I get one of these penis shots about once a week. And I always find it funny that men (I'm hoping men) think that this would get a girl interested. I have a sense of humor and I'm of the "If a man is going to flash me in the street - I won't run away, I will point and laugh...very loudly" mentality. And its not only men that send me pictures, I actually had a girl actively pursued me on the net to come down to San Diego and have a weekend of fun with her. Thanks - but no thanks. Am I that damn cute? I think so - but that's not the point.

My question is - why do people do this? Is it the anonymity of the internet? The creation of an alter-ego? I was chatting with my friend Joel and he mentioned that he gets pictures of naked gals sent to him periodically. I tell him its because he's a stud - he laughs. Anyways - why people?

So - in the future, please don't just send me anonymous pictures of your penis, give me a little warning so I can open them at a proper time and place.

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mr_g said...

It's like the construction workers who yell, "Hey baby, c'mere and sit on my face!" Do they actually expect a woman to stop what she's doing, climb the scaffolding just to plop herself down on the face of the first sweaty guy who yells out?