Friday, March 03, 2006

Celebrity Sightings!

Damn the last 24 hrs have been exciting in the celebrity sightings department!

At the hockey game last night, we saw Pat Sajak. Yes, I screamed "Can I buy a vowel!" - huh Rozanne.

While walking from the METRO station, we saw David Spade filming in a movie.

While in Hollywood and Highland - saw James Pickens Jr who plays the Chief on Grey's Anatomy.

Walking back from Hollywood and Highland (along with all the Oscar Hooplah) saw Doris Roberts getting the mini-red carpet treatment.

Oh yeah, and also saw lots of fake boobies - thats for Rozanne.

1 comment:

mr_g said...

I remember a few years ago the only stars you saw in Hollywood were the ones whose names are, "...written in concrete." (To quote The Kinks)

It's nice to see it coming back...I only wish I'd bought that condo I looked at there a few years ago before they moved all the tranny-whores to Santa Monica Blvd.!