Monday, March 20, 2006

Mercury Retrograde...I BELIEVE!!!

For several reasons, I like to see and then believe - a lot has to do with experience but mostly just the way I'm wired. Working for a New Age company - well that proves to be a little more difficult at times. I can get psychic readings when I want - last one told me I was getting married in less than a year and yes she told me who but the one before that told me about how things were going to turn out with my apartment hunt (and let me say she was on the money).

Apparently at the beginning of March, the planet Mercury went into Pisces and starts to move backwards - causing chaos in our lives. I'd like to think that this is bullshit. On the other hand...well read on....

I moved this weekend (yeah me!) and in the process of moving something so unbelievably "Mercury Retrograde" happened - I still cant believe it. Friday night, I stayed late at work because my cousins Jonathan and Jimmy were going to pick me up at the new digs and we were going to go all together to my mom's house to get my stuff. I go to kill lots of time at KMart and my friend's house waiting for their phone call. At 9:30pm, they called to tell me that they were too tired to drive that night and opted to leave early in the AM. Now - if you know me, you know that I'm a planner. Like I even broke down the move into 4 different phases and what was being moved in each phase. This did not bode well for Phase 3 and Phase 4. I opted to just stay at my friend's place and leave early as well. The next morning - my cousins call me and we are off and running. We get to the house and I immediately start packing (since I was supposed to be doing that the night before - remember Phase 3?). My dad shows up and start instructing us on how to pack the truck. Mind you we are in our twenties (ok some of us, me, closer to our 30's) and here he is telling us specifically where to put the dresser, entertainment center, and bed in the truck. It drove us a bit nuts, but I love my dad and so we nodded with agreement as he told us and almost drew us a diagram - as soon as he left, we did it our way. We opted to go buy a tarp and lay it on the bed of the truck to put the mattress on it so it doesnt get dirty. We then decided to leave the tarp, put the boxes on top of the tarp, and put the mattress then the boxspring on top of everything; except the dresser and tv stand, they had to stand on their own. This was an awesome plan!

Finally its time to head to apartment - here I come!

We got out of there about 1pm (1 hour behind schedule according to Phase 4 - not bad). As we pass by Edwards Air Force Base, we notice dark clouds ahead. We should be fine...SHOULD. As we hit Lancaster/Palmdale we get some sprinkles. But they quickly dissapate - whew! We stop to eat lunch and then head back on the road. As we get closer to Acton, the clouds get darker but its still sunny - and then the freaky storm hits! It rained and I mean like you can hear the water pelting the car RAIN! Holy crap! So we get off the freeway and my cousins go into a store and buy a tarp and some bungee cords to secure it..there they are, out in the freezing cold wind and rain putting on the tarp but its getting harder...the rain...well thats because its started to HAIL! The finally put the tarp on and about 2 minutes after they get into the truck, it stops. No kidding - I swear to Aunt Jemima. We are now laughing our asses off and joking about this freaky rain and how my stuff is going to get mildew being under the tarp. We take off and all of a sudden the tarp rips and we (and by we I mean Jonathan and Jimmy) get off to remove the tarp since it seems like we've past the rain (notice the foreshadowing?). We kid about how now the stuff can dry - when it starts to rain AGAIN!!! We are closer to civilization now (Santa Clarita) but I'll be damned if there wasnt traffic and we had come to a crawl on the freeway! We finally get off the freeway and pull up under an awning at a gas station. We (J&J again) go out and put the tarp back on my bed and leave the dresser and tv stand to the elements. About 3 minutes after we started to drive, the rain stops. We learned our lesson and did not stop to remove the tarp, and it never rained again. When we finally get to the apartment, we start unloading the stuff and realize the bright idea of putting the tarp down, only allowed the rain to gather UNDER all the boxes.

The bed finally dried off today and I got a majority of my stuff unpacked but things are still in shambles at the new place. I'm still waiting for my fridge to show and I have no couch.

Tonight is the infamous Zamboni ride. Everyone is asking me if I'm excited - I totally am, really I am. But Mercury is in doing a moonwalk in Pisces and I still have 5 hours until game time.

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mr_g said...

I didn't realize we were in a retrograde...but considering March, it makes sense! Sorry for your difficulties in moving, but thanks for a laugh; I needed it!