Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Everybody Likes a Quickie

And so this post shall be quick...

OH DEAR GOD! How many more people can die on this show? Honestly the person I felt the most sorry for was the security dude stuck in holding with Lyn. Of course Lyn needed to redeem himself - after all it was his fault that the terrorist got in. Like I told Scott - it was like watching an old Star Trek episode and seeing Crewman#3 "Bob" go on a planet with Capt Kirk and you knew that he was the one that wasnt going to make it back.

RIP Harry - RIP

Got a call from the new landlords - looks like I can start moving in my stuff tomorrow (woohoo!) I'll officially be in this weekend. I cannot wait. The thing that I'm most excited about is that I'm going to start cooking again. Where I'm at now, I cant cook - not like without ability, but more like no access. The stove doesnt work. So I will be at home every night whipping up new recipes - YES!

Mr. G was right...
I finally got a professional massage last night and it was so worth every penny.

Dont they ever learn?
I got the BEST cover letter EVER today for a job application. I will be posting it later because it deserves its own moment in the sun.

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mr_g said...

Glad you enjoyed! Did they offer you a happy ending?