Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sushi, Bobby Brown, and LOST

Last night I went to dinner with a handsome military man - yup Rockstar was in town and graced me with his presence. I was in charge of the dinner reservations and we went to Tokyo Delve's! It was relatively quiet due to only about 30 people there but we still had a kick ass time. Eel is next.

So Iliana tells me last night that as she's driving down Sunset Blvd this group of 5-6 guys cross in front of her and one of them waves - like to say thanks not for running him over...turns out its Bobby Brown. And yes, he looked like he was on the smack - allegedly.

LOST was ok last night but looks like its going to be a great ride for the next few episodes. The Tail Section has a nice little recap here or you can go to Pink is The New Blog and get your fill of hollywood gossip and a nice LOST recap. (P/S I heart PITNB)

Still waiting for zamboni pictures...Scott got a little snippy on his blog about it. And yes Zamboni is the actual Zamboni - not a metaphor...pervert.

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