Sunday, March 26, 2006

Zamboni Pictures!

Here are some of the zamboni ride pictures...

Enjoy and mock to your heart's content. A great big thank you to Anna who took all the pictures.

The ride is starting!! The ride is starting!!

(photo by Anna)

Making the big turn towards the gang.

(photo by Anna)

I'm totally waving to my section - screw the other people at Staples Center.

(photo by Anna)

(photo by Anna) A shout out to my crew.

(photo by Anna)
The ride is slowly coming to an end...

This is what the sign read.

I even got a phone call from an ex-coworker at the game that saw me. BTW - see that guy right behind me? The uni-bomber wanna be? Fucker dropped beer down my back.

P/S The sign is blocking an Avalanche fan!

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