Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Potpourri of TV Fun!

Yes, I know its been a while - even got an IM with tude about the lack of post (JUAN!). My only computer access is at work and I've been, whats the word - WORKING! So I will try to type as fast as I can while I cover the receptionist and have some downtime from the interviewing and such.

The Hobbit is going down! Not saying anymore since Scott thought it was more important to play volleyball than the possible death of Agent Aaron. Quite the butt clencher Scott, quite the butt clencher.

American Idol
The girls sucked last night and the bitch has come out!

Her name is Brenna and for sheer entertainment I hope she stays on.

I still have my faves though...
Girls: Katherine McPhee, Lisa Tucker, and Paris

The boys sing tonight and I have already jumped on the bandwagons...Ace, Chris, and Taylor

(God how I love Ace)

Amazing Race

Thank God Amazing Race is back and with force! Little tidbits from the premiere last night - as you might know teams of 2 compete for a million buckaroos by racing around the world. Already I'm picking sides!

Lifelong "friends" - ok - say you are gay, its ok. And what the hell was that all about the whole "bring out the genie" crap? They said that its their little joke that when they need luck they pull out the genie. I swear he was going to pull out his penis.

The Screaming Sisters – oh my god these ladies were getting on my nerves! I hope they are out next.

Lake – LAKE! Your name is LAKE! What cracked me up was that he introduced himself to someone as Lake like the ocean and the guy said, I’m Ray, like the sun. Ugh, I’m going to hate him all season long.

Pretty boys – one guy is actually good to look at but he has his nipples pierced – what makes you think that’s attractive? Its not – just makes me want to hook a leash on you and lead you around…wait that aint a bad idea….

Double D’s – you know there is going to be some Real World hooking up between these tramps and the pretty boys – I’m just sayin’

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mr_g said...

Oh, I need to get back in touch with reality tv...nothibng like a good train wreck!