Thursday, March 16, 2006

So...this is weird

Not only do I work at a new age company – but the owners are filming a movie in our offices this weekend. One of my grand duties is doing facilities stuff (we all remember the moving bitch –right?) and so I have to help get ready for it, which really is no problem but I’m getting distracted by the owner setting up his shots in my cubicle while I’m trying to read Dear Abby.


mr_g said...

Now let's see..are they setting up trapeezes and lots of big throw pillows? Are they hanging a disco ball in the restroom? Are there large amounts of KY and condoms on hand? If you can answer "Yes"to any two of these questions, "New Age" isn't quite the niche market your company is filling...if you get my drift!

mr_g said...
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