Thursday, March 02, 2006

LOST - Finally!

We got ourselves a game people! LOST freaking RULED last night and I barely got home in time to see it. Damn that invite for drinks and the lack of parking in my hood - never the less..moving on.

Things that were picked up on - just for Scott.

  • The song that the airplane mobile played was "Catch A Falling Star And Put It In Your Pocket." This is the same song that Claire asked the potential adoptive parents if they knew, in her flashback last season. She asked them if they knew "Catch A Falling Star" and the woman answered that she did, and Claire said that they should sing it to her baby, because her dad used to sing it to her. So, question, could Claire's father somehow possibly be involved?
  • On the same mobile, all the airplanes said "Oceanic Airlines."
  • The guy talking to Ethan outside the room was M.C. Gainey, aka Mr. Friendly, aka Zeke... without the use of his fake hair and prosthetics. So, since that was Zeke, we now know that there is another "Him" who is in charge, thanks to what he said to Ethan: 'You were supposed to make the list and then bring her in... Well, what I am I supposed to tell HIM? Do you know what HE's gonna do when HE finds out.' Again, I'm not saying my gut instincts out loud: I'm *GUESSING* (only a guess) it could be A)Henry Gale or B) (and this one's way out there) Claire's father?
  • Hurley's Numbers were on the injection bottle that Ethan injected into Claire's stomach.

(p/s I totally just stole those from Kristin from EOnline-but she just categorized them so nicely!)

I have to say that the episode was exactly what we've been waiting for. I loved Sawyer's comeback to Kate's "I need a gun and you dont get to ask why" line. I hope that Locke doesnt fall for the little mind screw that Henry Gale is doing on him. And what was that all about with Eko cutting off those chin hairs?

Now back to work.

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Anonymous said...

that lost did kick ass. my fear now is we are going to get a month a mediocre episodes. it was seriously a great one. They did show quite a bit. Did you see in the background as they were going into the hatch, the monster in the hills. You could totally see some type of robot thing in side it.