Friday, March 31, 2006

Featured Breeder - Scott

Last night I had the dare I say HONOR of having dinner with Scott of Scott's Thoughts. Yes the two blogs met up. Funny thing is that last night was the first time we had hung out alone. We have been friends for about 10 years now (EGAD!!!) and always did group things, so it was kind of funny that it was a true tete-a-tete last night.

Scottyboy was obessed with a woman who might have split her pants. Like I'm talking life and stuff and he's staring at this woman's ass wondering if her underwear was showing. I even suggested he take a picture of it for the blog but no...turned out it was her skirt or something. As we drove back to my car (I had left it at his work) I suggested Scott should be the next featured reader, I'll be damned if he thought I said featured BREEDER. HELLO!!! That production factory is shut down! Good times...good times.

Thanks for dinner and the tour Scotty! Great choice for food....damn good Cuban restaurant, Havana Mania. Highly recommended.

After dinner, I was supposed to get something on my car fixed but plans changed and I ended up at my uncle's house dropping off a suitcase for my aunt. Then I left with a loveseat, bar stools, and an end table - I have furniture people! Jimmy and Jonathan (I wonder if it annoys Jimmy that I call him Jimmy and not JAMES?!?-Dont care, moving on) were kind enough to be my little mules again. So now that I had furniture and was able to entertain my guests! We stayed up until 1am playing Sequence - where I won! Damn that game is addictive.


Scott said...

Don't make me out to be a perv. You even thought her pants were split and almost up chucked your root beer when I told you to look. 10 years scares me. We is old.

melissa said...

Dude, you couldnt stop staring.

mr_g said...

Versailles = great Cuban food...Encino, Manhattan beach and I think LA.

And just 'cause we're staring at some other woman's ass, does not mean we don't hear you...just as a rule, we can multi tassk.