Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My 8 Minutes of Fame

The anticipation had been building all day long.

Forget the new apartment, forget work responsibilities, forget the new 24 episode – last night was all about my date with the zamboni.

As I left work, I made a sign to take with me on the zamboni. This is something that had been somewhat brainstormed in the section and it was going to happen. Let me state that I really did feel like an idiot carrying that sign – not only that but it was sprinkling as I walked to Staples and so I had to stuff that thing under my jacket so the marker wouldn’t run. After I plant myself in my seat and the game begins...the countdown was on! Because things can always go wrong in Melissa’s world, I truly didn’t start getting excited until it was the 1st intermission and I saw the zambonis come out with their riders for that time. Since the Kings were just sucking harder than a teenage girl on prom night, the only thing I had to look forward to was my zamboni ride…there would be no Mike speech that night..oh no, the mighty had been silenced since we lost 5-0. Speaking of Mike, he gave me a little toy zamboni to commemorate my event. Que sweet.

Anyways - with about 8:25 left in the 2nd period, Jenny from the Kings crew comes to get me. A little bit of trivia for y'all, apparently our little Jenny was on LOST - she played Claire's friend in the episode when she goes to the psychic. The other person that was riding the zamboni really really wanted to go by the locker room - so Jenny bless her heart took us by there. She told us not to say anything - OOOPS!

So we get downstairs by the zambonis and they load us up - I got to ride the West Coast Choppers zamboni - WOOHOOO!!! After the r/c car race, they have us pull out onto the ice. Let me say - wow. Going onto the ice is such a powerful little rush, its amazing. I can understand how actors feel walking onto the stage with the lights shining on them and such. So we come out and I immediately put my sign up. I saw myself on the jumbotron and I felt like a dork watching myself up there. Anyways - I gave my props to my section and then I waved for a bit and after about 3 minutes - it got old. I was done, unfortunately the zamboni wasnt. So I was still having a ball riding the thing but it became rather uncomfortable and eerie. It was as if I was a fish in a fishbowl, going around and around with people outside the glass looking in at me. I still waved and posed for pictures since Anna was the only one who remembered to bring a camera, but other than that, I was just people watching. The sucky part of people watching there is that people KNOW you are looking at them. Just how that fine guy in row 1 of section 113 was waving at me - damn that fucking zamboni not stopping. What I did find cool is that this little kid was waving at me, he must have been 3 or 4 yrs old, and after I waved back he turned to his dad and said "Did you see her? She waved at me!" Damn I'm cool. After the ride was over, we were put in an elevator to return to our seats. As I made my way back to my section, I heard this guy say "Hey! Thats the girl from the zamboni!"


p/s Yes, pictures were taken, but due to techincal difficulties, they will be up tomorrow.

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