Friday, March 03, 2006

Shannon earns herself a post on the blog...

So I was watching Jeopardy on Wednesday night and one of the answers about some British philosopher was "John Locke". Got me to thinking, hmmmmm, LOST. There are no accidents on LOST. So, I researched the philosopher John Locke but had a hard time understanding most of what I was reading. Popped over to Wikipedia and found this connection...Hope you find it interesting.

John Locke, after whom the character John Locke is named, was a famous social contract philosopher who dealt with the relationship between nature and civilization. Also, the TV Locke's father is named Anthony Cooper, named for Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the real-world John Locke's political mentor and patron. The real Locke believed that, in the state of nature, all men had equal rights to punish transgressors; to ensure fair judgment for all, governments were formed to better administer the laws. This philosophy is paralleled by the character of Locke, who embraces both nature and the need for organization among the survivors.

Here's another one:

Locke is frequently connected with games. He teaches and plays backgammon with Walt, demonstrates Mouse Trap to a child in a flashback scene in "Deus Ex Machina", and plays Risk with a co-worker in "Walkabout". In " Exodus, Part 2" while handling dynamite, Locke asks Jack if he ever played Operation, joking that he "always got nailed by the funny bone"; he then proceeds to make a buzzing sound while lifting one of the fragile explosives. A startled Jack questions, "Do you like to play games, John?" Locke smiles and says "Absolutely."


Shannon said...

I feel special. :)

Side note: The word that I'm supposed to type in for security to post a comment strangely looks like a curse word to me. ("fqksfzr") Maybe it's just the way I look at the world??

Nocturnal Rockstar said...

Do you listen to the official Lost podcast? They talk about stuff like that.