Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Because I have been incredibly busy with stuff just piling up and up - I'm going to cheat and post a story versus having to really think of something meaningful to say. I've talked to some people who have told me that I should post stories, because the stuff that has happened to me since I started this blog is not all that has happened to me. Oh no..there is more, lots more. So here is my story of when I went to see Aretha Franklin taken from an email I sent to a friend. (I told you I was cheating) This post is dedicated to Jessica whose last day at work is today and she's off to England to get her Master's Degree. Much love to her my fellow lover of Aretha.


ARETHA BABY! Man that was a great concert...the music (a 30 piece orchestra), a Temptation to duet with (I forgot his name), her voice was a little gone-but still hers none the less...but the best part...the BEST PART..was the hissy fit she threw on stage. I kid you not! First the PA system wasnt loud enough for her, then after her 15 minute break (I'm assuming yelling at the sound guy) she came out with different shawl - the first one was huge ruffles, this one was more see through...like a wedding veil. After she sang, she turned her back to the audience to face the piano (where-again I'm assuming- her music was) and all you see is her right hand come up holding a tissue box and say "You'd think there would be some tissues in this tissue box". Everyone in the audience went "Ohhhhh". Then she said, "You'd think for all the money you people are paying to be here, I'd be able to get a glass of water or something." Again with the audience reaction, but this time it was more like - "Get Aretha some water!" So someone from the audience handed her a bottle of water - which she promptly gave to her assistant or something and then the tall man came out with a bottle of water and was pouring it into a red plastic party cup and handed it to her. Then she says "A red plastic cup huh - do I get red party balloons to go with this too?". Always heard it happened, but never really believed it. Then she was asking the audience (which was sold out) what songs they wanted to hear, someone said "Ain't no Way" She said "you want to hear Aint no way? Well aint no way you are going to hear that tonight". LOL Too funny. She didnt even sing Respect..sucks but oh well. I sang it all the way home. She sang another song...MY TURN. I fell in love with it. I swear its going to be my new theme song in life. I have to admit - it rivals Lenny Kravitz, but his was still the best concert ever. It kills me to say that. I was a bit disappointed that on the flip side she did throw that fit, didnt sing a lot of the popular songs, and only sang for an hour and a half without an encore. But it was one of the most romantic venues I have been at and if I was with a special someone, I might have had a different opinion on the matter. Honestly, Carol was a great date, but I didnt get any that night...and the two gay guys sitting next to me werent any help either. On a high note, one of the ushers escorted me to my seat - the same guy to just pointed Carol to the section. We laughed...I have to have my moments too dammit!

There - done to appease the masses. By the way, anyone else noticing that I'm gaining a following? I'm STOKED!


scott said...

Yes but are they 13?

melissa said...

And love Fight Club...not sure. I'd have to put out a survey of some sort.

mr_g said...

That's a classic story! It's like one of those outtakes nobody ever gets to hear, and you were there!

midwest_hick said...

Nothing wrong with gaining a following....unless they're stalkers of course....lol