Sunday, July 31, 2005

Where the hell have I been?

Last week Scott was talking about The Flipper and how I was the only one that called to find out what it was - let me tell you it was completely worth it, but it started me on this mini quest. I realized that I was completely out on what some sexual acts are called. I hate to use the word naive for this but it seems to be the only word that describes it. I consider myself to be rather knowledgeable about this stuff but damn! Not only did I not imagine that these things were actually done but that people actually named it. I bet you it was a bunch of frat boys sitting around Sunday morning talking about their conquests from the previous night and then it comes out that they did something "weird" blaming the alcohol.

So I've been looking around and found some and here they are with the links for the definition. If I'm missing anything of particular interest, please feel free to let me know.

Cleaveland Steamer - ewwwww
Jelly Doughnut Why would a girl think this was fun?
Rusty Trombone
Screaming Churro - there is a reason why doing it on a beach is mostly a fantasy for a girl that has never had sex.
Spider-Man My personal favorite - not that I want it done to me, but its so funny!

To clarify - these are not necessarily things I would like to do. These are some items that I found to be interesting topics of conversation. So...discuss.


mr_g said...

Wow! Screaming Churro...I can't imagine anyone enjoying that. It's kinda bizarre what floats some people's boats. Gotta go, a group called the "Transsexual Sodomites for God" are renting our backyard to film some kind of documentary; at least that's what they said it was...

Anonymous said...

I feel old after reading this and a little dirty....

Johnny Menace said...

the bucking bronco didn't make it on here..?

melissa said...

Mr. G - How was the filming? Did they find all the orifices ok?

Kelena - yeah, me too

Johnny - you know, I had it on the list and opted to leave it know some mystery to it all.