Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Fashion Illiteracy

If you know me, you know that I prefer comfort over style. I have some style - not much due to my tomboyish attributes. I tend to wear my hair up in a ponytail and save the styling for special occasions. When it comes to fashion, I get that glazed look in my eyes...but you mention Lucky Luc being re-signed to the LA Kings for a year, and I light up again. I don't understand how someone can pay $500 for a pair of shoes or $250 for a purse. I referred to COACH purses as COUCH purses in an earlier post, I thought that DKNY was pronounced dinky and not until I went to an outlet with a friend and she said "Look at the Donna Karan store" did it click, and if it wasn't for Sex and the City, I would have NEVER known who Jimmy Choo was. I prefer not to wear make up, mainly because I'm lazy but everytime I do wear it I get teased by someone asking me who I'm trying to impress. And I'm trying with the make up, I just -well lazy, I'm lazy. If I show up with make up to see you, know that I'm making an effort. So lately I have been learning to appreciate the fine art of accessories.

A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of new purses and this morning I wanted to break out the other one I haven't had a chance to use. Amazingly enough, I had a pair of shoes that match my purse, so off and running we go since matching the shoes to the purse is a big deal. So here I am, in my matching shoes and purse (and yes I'm wearing clothes, perverts) and I'm happy. But no one notices - no one says anything, of course its because I work with guys and they don't notice anything. But last week on casual Friday, I wore jean capri pants, a red top (for our squadron colors), and tennis shoes and someone said "My aren't we casual today.." Hello its Friday! But it hit me - I reached that plateau of fashion expectation at work. I dress up for work because of the office I work in (I work for the main man of where I'm at) so to me, being rather put together is just part of the "professional appearance". So now I understand why no one noticed the matching purse and shoes. If only they knew this whole fashion thing was a big act for me. I have to admit - I'm starting to dig the whole outfit thing - shoes, hair, jewelry. But the day I decide to buy a pair of shoes over $100 because they are "adorable" and will go with that one top I have, drag me out back and beat some sense into me.


Anonymous said...

I get the same response when I wear makeup to I just stopped...whats the point? Its too hard to dress up Camouflage anyway. On the $100 dollar shoe it! You'll never be the same again...I know I'm not...LoL

mr_g said...

I hear ya. I get complimented on my suits all the wife helps pick them out and match the shirts and ties. If I had to buy them myself I'd be a mess...I'm ok once they're in the closet, but in the store forget it. I joke that my wife sews little animals into my clothes so I can dress myself.

I much prefer comfort over style, but I'm married to a designer, so I have to deal!