Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So today is my dad's birthday. This serves as my reminder to my brother to call and wish him a happy day.

Went to the gym yesterday and kind of took it easy since I'm still kind of sick. Its not really good to be on the elliptical machine and coughing, but I did pretty well. Only did 25 minutes on the darn thing and the rest of my workout, I just cut out the extra 20 minutes of cardio I would usually do after my strength training. Went home and basically relaxed. Chatted with my cousins in Yuma, Carol, and Hopita. Always a good time.

Now, I know that I've mentioned that my son is one of the biggest drama kings I have ever known. Yesterday he scratched his knee and for the rest of the day, he needed help walking. Not kidding. We think its hysterical but my mom encourages it by playing along so he thinks its ok. I just tell him to get over it - actually he will get over it as soon as the band-aid comes off. Its just so funny to see him ask for help to walk across the room and then when he walks, he walks on his tip-toes. For those of you that know my child rather well, can guess how much he actually is milking this.

On a side note - we have a year to move to Brazil and hope that Orlando Bloom is available to fulfill the responsibilities of a new holiday.

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Shannon said...

Now this is a holiday I think I can get behind!