Monday, May 09, 2005

Almost back to 100% - kind of at 92.3%

So I'm feeling so much better. Nothing a lot of louging around and drinking lots of water wont cure -right? So, had a pretty good weekend, considering.

I took Jacob to the doctor on Friday and the pediatrician thinks that either he had allergies, a cold, and then another cold - or had a sinus infection the whole time. So she's treating him for the sinus infection and let me say that the antibiotics has helped his cough so much. While we were there, we were talking about his immunizations and how he was a wee bit behind - she said he could get caught up right then and there and let me say - I hate being a parent at times. And while I was holding him down while he was getting his shots in his poor little thighs was one of them. His face went from nervous joy to sheer pain and horror in like 2 seconds. I explained what was going to happen and how it was going to hurt, but I'm sure he didnt believe me - because why would his mother do that to him? Poor little guy, but I was so proud of him - after he was done, he wiped his tears away and limped to the car. Dont get me wrong - he's still a ham and showed ANYONE that would listen that he got his shots but still he did way better than I ever thought he would.

I got inspired and made dinner Saturday night. Chicken Parmasen and Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil was on the menu. Damn it was good. I even made the marinara sauce from scratch. I bought cans of whole tomatoes and Jacob's job was to squeeze them and break them up. Never...EVER let a 3 year old do that with out properly explaining that they need to keep the tomatoes IN THE BOWL. I was covered in tomato seeds and juice and last night, my mom found tomato remnants on the back door. But he had so much fun cooking.

Other than that, my weekend consisted of me laying in my bed and being rather unproductive. I'm starting back at the gym today - I havent been for two whole weeks - first because of the trip prep and actual trip and then because I was sick. I was reading this article on health and fitness and looked at the chart on healthy weight and where they draw the lines for overweight - I'M CONSIDERED MODERATELY OVERWEIGHT! Let me tell you - I was rather peeved. No matter how hard I try I dont lose weight, I tone up. And for this freaking chart to tell me that I need to lose about 20lbs to be considered a healthy weight, is rather frustrating. So I'm going to to talk to the personal trainer at the gym and get a new game plan. I've been doing what he suggested about 9 months ago and yes I've toned up but havent really gotten the results I had hoped for. Time for plan b! But I swear I'm not going on some crazy diet - thats where I draw the line...I love my carbs. I'll adjust but wont cut things out completely.

Ok - so I plan to slowly plug away at some of the details of the trip. Take care y'all!

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