Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Where does the time go?

So I could have stopped surfing the net at some point yesterday and posted to the blog but always found myself actually doing work when it came to my blog time. So here are some highlights of the past few days.

Got another update from Joel in Italy. The journal of his trip is so entertanining. If you find yourself with not much to do and want to read someone who adores the idea of controlled stream of consciousness with a wacky sense of humor - I suggest this as a good read. I emailed him and asked him to bring me a rosary from Rome. I'm excited - I'm actually requesting a specific souvenier. Usually I tell someone to bring me the tackiest thing they can find, which needless to day shows their taste. I've gotten some great souveniers that way. Carol still wins with this loud Toys R Us cup from New York - it even has my name on it.

My boss got a promotion late yesterday - he made Captain. I'm so happy for him. Too bad he doesnt read my blog to read that. Maybe I'll send him the link to show that I put him in here. Wait...now he's reading this....CONGRATS SIR! Uh, sure I'm working.

Went to they gym last night and I did that elliptical machine again. You know how you are used to one machine and even though its the same type of machine its not exactly the same one - it throws you off? Well that happened and it threw me off. It sucked. Also I realized that Mondays are like major religious holidays. The people who sin over the weekend try to repent on Mondays. The gym is so packed on Mondays and its only Mondays. The rest of the week its back to normal. Just an observation.

I've decided I'm going to compete with Ryan for cooking status. He made a cocky little remark yesterday about how good his cooking is and its on! Just wanted to share. Problem is that he's been doing it for so long he just knows a lot more than I do. Actually I just want him to make more chili. I'm not kidding, its that freaking good. Carol and Hope are supposed to come up at some point, I'm going to ask very nicely that he makes some for when they get here so they can understand why I'm raving so much about it.

Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy rock - thats my new Sunday night. I'm back to watching a lot of TV. Not good. I had gotten out of that habit but noooo they had to come out with quality shows. Bastards.

On a complete WTF side note: I was watching VH1 and MTV this weekend catcing up on the new music since we have real radio stations up here and they kept showing Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl...ok...what is up with the little Japanese brothel that follows her around? I saw these same girls in Rich Girl and now they pop up in Hollaback Girl. They are like her little entourage, its funny! Maybe thats a new accessory that is going to be big over the summer. Screw Couch purses.

Alright since my boss might have actually read this - I need to get back to work.


Shannon said...

Do you mean Coach purses? Hee hee.

melissa said...

Yes - see how up with the times I am?