Friday, May 06, 2005

This sucks

I'm sick - at least I'm getting a little better, but I'm still coughing and thats what sucks the most. Jacob has a worse cough than I do and so he has an appointment at the pediatrician's office this afternoon. I've taken him twice already but first it was allergies, then it was allergies and a cold, and today its just this horrible cough! I've gotten over the counter medication and nothing seems to help - he's up at weird hours hacking up a storm. Last night we were up watching Iron Chef at 3am. I actually stayed up an extra 30 minutes to find out who won. And its not like the food looked absolutely delicious - some of the dishes looked rather yucky, but to watch these chefs be so creative, was amazing. Mind you it was 3am and I was a bit dilusional because of the lack of sleep.

Thanks to Scott for my Mother's Day wish....what a doll.

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