Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ok, back from Atlanta - had a great time, wedding was wonderful. I'm too tired to really type out a post with all the details so that will come later.

But here some highlights:
1) Iliana talking about "BLACK FOOD"
2) Some guys in the hotel always running into us in our pj's - at various times of the day
3) The wedding
4) Jacob and the plane
5) The Braves game - including drunk guys arguing with us and Carol being touched inappropriately (AGAIN) in Atlanta.
6) Our hotel room smelling like ass
7) Getting our hotel room changed and the room still smelling like ass
8) The tornado warning and my mom telling us to repent our sins
9) My dad getting lost
10) The transexual at McD's
11) My son being THE DANCING QUEEN at the wedding
12) $ 3.56 for APPLE JUICE!

Ok - I'm sure there is more but those are basic highlights - more to follow when I'm more coherent and able to form proper sentences.

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Daddy-0 said...


It's the 7th sign repent your sins heathens...