Monday, August 08, 2005

Busy Weekend

Went to Vegas Saturday for a bachelorette party - oh yeah, detailed post (hopefully with pictures) to come. Had a really good time. This month is going to freaking fly by. I've been so busy at work and I have plans out of town every weekend for the rest of the month, including my birthday (YEAH!).

Something funny that did happen is that when we were heading to my brother's house, we were listening to the radio and they had just given away tickets to see Four Brother with Mark Wahlberg. Well the DJ starts saying "Its a musical cast with Mark Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block fame, Andre 3000 from OutKast, and Tyrese." I'm sitting in my car correcting the woman that Mark Wahlberg was NOT in NKOTB (shut up, I loved them when I was a kid) it was his brother Donnie. It was funny the way my mom was looking at my like I was nuts for going off on the DJ for not knowing her stuff.

This morning I was tied up trying to get some travel orders for some of our Search and Rescue peeps that are heading down to Edwards AFB to support NASA in case they land out here tomorrow morning. I'm so tempted to drive out there, I'm 45 minutes away and it would be so awesome to do so, but one of the pilots told me she's not sure if the public is going to be allowed in - just checked the website and public will not be allowed in. Damn. Still be tempted to drive down and park off the 14 - I'm sure you'd still be able to see it. Can you imagine - you are at the McD's drive through and you see the Shuttle coming towards you in your rear-view mirror? That'd be funny as hell.


mr_g said...

That's just like women to take pictures of a bachelorette party! Bachelor parties have a strict "no photos" rule.

SCARR said...
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Daddy-0 said...

Only you can stop blog depression:

Van! said...

ahhhh you have been VANdalized!