Thursday, August 25, 2005

Verizon Sucks

I lost my DSL last night for some reason. I came into work and a coworker was complaining about his Verizon DSL as well. At least its not just me.

Took Jacob out to dinner to celebrate that he's starting preschool on Tuesday. The restaurant is like Benihana's and he absolutely loves it. Since we got there early enough in the evening - we shared the 8 person table with only two other people. It was nice of the chef to tailor the show just to the Jakeman. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I, however, got into it with the waitress because they wouldnt let me take my drink home. Let me explain. Jacob ordered a soda and (normally) they bring drinks to kids in a styrafoam cup. In this case, they didnt. I didnt think much of it at the moment, until the bill came and Jacob had only drank very little of it. So I asked for a cup to go - they refused. I asked why and they said something about refills. But I didnt want a refill - I wanted what was left of the drink, thats it (I would have cared less if it was my drink but you-know-who was asking for it). I pointed out to the waitress that there was another little boy with a styrofoam cup and he gets to take his drink home - how come my son didnt get a styrofoam cup. Yeah, that got her. I know it was petty - but I was trying to make a point. What that point was - probably that I was right and she was wrong. I dont know what got into me - I think that I was trying to show Jacob that you have to at least try. Not sure. But they got back at me, I got home and got violently ill from the meal. Bastards.

Nothing new as of yet - although something extremely funny happened yesterday at work. Two guy were trying to open this candy jar I have on my desk with the Taffy in it. They couldnt - I mean then were banging the lid on the desk, the floor, putting it between their legs, passing it back and forth between them - nothing. I tried to tell them that I may be able to help and they gave me this "But you are just a girl" look. So they gave up and one of them left the office. I picked up the jar - and no lie - cracked it open. The second guy just stood there in shock - what did I do? Damn right - ran into the hallway and hollered at the first guy and showed him that I opened the jar.


madman said...

DAMN--I hate it when my wife opens the pickel jar--I loosened it!

Jessica said...

Hey Melissa~ I got violently ill EVERY time I ate there and refuse to ever go back now! I shoot down people the second that they suggest it....Hope all is well. Miss ya! BTW - kick ass with the jar opening thing. Those boys may wear uniforms but that doesn't mean they're not wusses. Take care.