Monday, August 22, 2005

Know when to hold 'em...Know when to fold 'em...

POKER BABY!!! Saturday was the big poker tournament and let me say WOW! Not only do I have a great blog story to post - so much so that I H-A-D to call Shannon and share as it was happening- but, Joel did an excellent job organizing the event. On with the story...

I arrive right before 1:30pm at the poker locale and helped with the last of the set up. Joel's friend Abby and I ordained ourselves the welcoming committee and the snacking begins. Joel then starts the poker lesson and there were about 5 girls sitting there giggling and mocking Joel (its easy to do, trust me). He claims we weren't paying attention and some gals even defect from our table to the other one where Bud was giving a lesson. Joel and I started chatting and he was telling me that on Thursday night he met Jonny Fairplay at a media event and that he had shown interest in attending the event and that since MTV was following him around, he might show up with a film crew. We were joking around how funny that would be and slowly people began to show. It was close to 3pm (the time the tournament was to start) and who shows?

Damn skippy - Jonny Fairplay (sans MTV crew in tow - only his girlfriend)

So the tournament begins and my luck, I sit at Jonny's table. Now - for sheer entertainment value, this guy kept me in stitches for most of the afternoon. I also have to say that he is a fairly good poker player - this from a gal whose poker experience is limited to screaming at the tv when Celebrity Poker Showdown is on. Which leads me to say that I just saw Jonny Fairplay - along with Omarosa and Trishelle on CPS that Thursday so I thought "Dude, I got it. I saw when he bluffed and when he played. I had the upper hand." WRONG! I was trying to bluff him when all I had was an ACE high and he had a pair.

This is how I felt after that hand - not that he actually did this...he was silly but very nice.

Some gems from that day from his mouth to your eyes...
Dealer: Jonny...are you in?
Jonny: Can a black man dance?

Jonny (speaking to anyone): Look at that, Joel's rocking out with his cock out.

I did get him when I had two pair - though. Yeah me! Since the majority of the players at our table were novices (including yours truly) you knew players were only playing when they actually had a hand, which is fine and dandy but no one was playing! Anyways, Jonny and I went head to head a couple of times and another girl ended up knocking me out extremely early (I was the 2nd player out) - there was a pair and a queen on the board, I had a queen and an Ace - but she had pocket Kings. DAMMIT! Oh well. His girlfriend ended up going out and he got bumped out pretty quickly after that. It was pretty cool that he showed up though and proved to be great entertainment at the table. Although if I heard "When I was on Celebrity Poker Showdown" or "When I was on Killer Reality" or "Back on Survivor..." one more time...but it was all good. A novice player ended up winning the whole thing - the very same gal who knocked me out so it was lots of fun. Joel was Mr. Prepared with this thing - I have to get him to make me some CD's of the music he put together for the event - quite ecclectic. Dont know how you mix Britney Spears and Kenny Rogers...BUT HE DID IT! Oh so he also had a raffle going and I got my tickets from entering the tournament and bought a few more. Let me say that I was losing hope that I was going to get ANYTHING. I finally won something - tickets to a movie theater 120 miles away. THANKS MAN! He also gave out some DVD's and the gal already had "That Thing You Do!" and so she gave it to me. Out of pity? I dont care, it was free. I think that it ended up that everyone won at least one thing - which was really cool. Jonny's girlfriend won one of the MP3 players he was giving out. So at least that made it worthwhile since (apparently) she had lost her iPod earlier that week.
Thanks Joely for the fabulous time. I'm still trying to get rid of all those pocketpacks you gave me.

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