Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Movie Reviews!!!

Part of my weekend fun was watching they go in no particular order.

Y Tu Mama Tambien: Spanish flick - very funny, sexual. Its about two best friends and woman that go on a road trip. The guy from Motorcycle Diaries is in it and I've never seen so much ass on screen since the last porn I watched. Highly recommended.

Kung Fu Hustle: I have to admit that I wanted to watch this movie ever since it came out in the theater. It was um...interesting. Since I'm not huge on the whole Kung Fu thing - some things seemed far fetched to me, but its a MOVIE! Overall, I liked it, it was entertaining.

Season 1 of Entourage: ok, this is a show that is on HBO about a movie star and his friends that are his "entourage" including his washed up actor brother. This series is hysterical! My favorite character is Jeremy Piven. In general, I'm a big fan but he plays this slimy agent in the show. LOVE IT!

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