Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Yes, I havent posted. I have to attribute this to lack of internet accessibility. I've been sitting at my friend's house all morning and finally she showed me how to hook up to her wireless network. Ahh the technology. Weekend has been long and lots of fun.

I first have to say to Scott that I was not nursing a hangover..that is not the reason we did not hook up on Saturday. I was just too freaking tired and then well out plans just didnt work out for Sunday. My birthday celebration will be on Saturday night...not Friday.

OK - weekend - lots to say and it will be broken up into different posts. Went to a wedding Friday night - awesome, even though we had a psychotic valet kid stalking us all night. When we arrived we had to unload the centerpieces and stuff and parked in the valet area to make it easier - then when we were asked to move the car (or pay the $3.50) well the car was blocked, then the ceremony started, then we helped getting the reception area set up, then the liquor started...blah blah blah. Needless to say we never got around to paying the damn $3.50. At the end of the night - no lie - the freaking valet was standing next to the car asking for his $3.50. I felt like John Cusack in Better Off Dead with the newspaper boy tracking him down for his "TWO DOLLARS!!!". Finally got off to bed at 3am.

Woke up Saturday with every intention to get some free tickets the LA Kings were giving away for a pre-season game against the Mighty Ducks - the website said to go to a ticketmaster location or go to the Staples Center, I opted to hit a Tower Records and while I was there, I would get my tickets for Frozen Fury (a preseason game where the LA Kings play against the Avalanche in Vegas). Scotty boy calls because we are trying to meet up and he's mocking this guy at a ticketmaster he walked by that he was wearing a Kings jersey - there is a girl in my line wearing a Kings hat AND holding a teddy bear wearing a Kings uniform. So about 25 people are lined up to get the free tickets when low and behold the guy comes out and says that they are only giving the tickets out at Staples Center or online - ONLY. Mother F**KER!! So I get on my cell and call my friend Hope to get online and start searching for tickets. I love my friend and how they put up with my quirks. By the time I get to the house, she has tried several times to get tickets but they all seem to be gone. But I did manage to get my Frozen Fury tickets!!! Happy Birthday to me! We lounge most of the day and watch a couple of movies (my movie reviews from this weekend will be in another post).

Had me a night out with Juan Saturday night. Poor guy had crashed on his bike and so he was hurt and sore, I was still freaking tired from the wedding. We made quite a pair, but at least we had sushi - yeah us.

Sunday went to the movies in the morning to see "The Aristrocrats" at the Arclight and then headed to Joel's house to help out with the poker tournament preparations - which consisted of us watching Kung Fu Hustle and the entire season of Entourage. Yeah us and our laziness!

Monday - I had an appointment which got carried over to today which is why I'm still in LA. Its either I stayed the night or waited until the end of the month - since I lack patience, here I am. I came over to Steph's and we had a cookout and hung out. Got her and her sister hooked on DG's blog - I love it!!! Its like I'm creating a freaking cult.

Ok - gotta run. I'll blog the movie reviews tonight - I promise!!!

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