Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Confession

This morning I was getting hungry and since my health conscious boss hadnt walked by with his daily V-8, so I offered to go downstairs to our little snack bar and pick him up one, while I get one for myself. I had decided to get healthy and start the day out right. Cutting out the sodas...cutting down on the sweets - eating healthy - YEAH ME! So I run downstairs and hit the snack bar and order my V-8s. There was a donut box on the counter and out of curiousity I open it to see what they had, thinking since it was 9am all the good ones would be gone and there would be no temptation - right? WRONG...the one donut they had left was my favorite - the devil's food cake with peanuts...yum. I stood there and looked at it and grabbed. I was never a fan of turning down my wants and desires, figured a happy Melissa was a good Melissa. So I paid for all the stuff and I stood there and ate it. The snack bar guy just looked at me and asked me why I didnt go back to my desk. And I told him that I didnt want to get caught eating the donut by my boss. Holy shit - I'm ashamed of eating donuts!!!! Its like those women who hide in closets and eat junk food and have stuff stashed all over the place. So I come back (after the so called shameful act) and I drink my V-8, which had a weird taste when you are using it as a donut chaser. My boss would walk by and look over at my drinking my V-8, I'm sure there was a sense of pride in there somewhere. After I got back from lunch, I couldnt take it - I confessed to him what had happened. I thought it was funny - more so the idea that I felt I needed to hide eating a donut. He jokingly said he was disappointed and felt he was "getting through" to me. Funny guy...then walks out of the office. He came back in a few minutes later and it looked like he was carrying something but I couldnt tell. I went into his office to drop something off and I caught him red handed with a Snickers bar. Ok, gotta get back to my slushy.


Scott said...

I can't believe you guys cheat on each other like that. LOL

Anonymous said...

MMMMM.....Donuts, I haven't had one of those in months. Almost a whole freakin year!! Damn my vanity!!

mr_g said...

I haven't been able to handle doughnuts since I turned 30...my body rejects them. Every few years I try again and the stomach cramping reminds me why I stopped...truly sad!